And in the “never done” department:

Watchers Collaged almost finished The Watchers, with more more connections

Watchers with connections scan 3
This piece has sat on the easel, unfinished, for some time now! I have lightened, darkened, subdued, highlighted, added, and taken away.

The last image on the right is the latest. Among other things, I added the connections that encompass the bones and reach below ground and darkened the mummy/bones.

Note that it is hard to assess the changes online with the small images scanned & adjusted slightly differently… I have to scan this work in four sections, piece them together, and try to adjust to provide truer colors & contrast. It is tricky!

Not sure where it will end!


Printing a poly-litho plate drawn with ballpoint pen

Ballpoint No I  plate
Ballpoint No I  print 3
Ballpoint No I adj

Ballpoint No I colored print 1Ballpoint No I colored print

After hours of struggling with a recalcitrant poly-litho plate first drawn with sharpie (then cleaned & redrawn with ballpoint) it is a treat to work with another plate (shown above left) that inks cleanly! It gives me hope.

I will abandon the original Circles plate (shown in an earlier post), and perhaps create a new plate based on that design. Above you can see the a plate that works (shown at left), one print from this as scanned, plus one at right digitally enhanced for darker stronger lines. I have already added more to this plate for the next print round!

But here the fine point ballpoint lines are so delicate and the prints lack impact and strength. Much more work is needed!



Circle II as beetleCircle II as beetle  II
There are many digital games to play with intricate abstract designs! My two circle drawings based on David Gallagher’s Segmental Sculpture have become landscape and beetle backs now…

Circle II as beetle III
Circle II squared curves
Three Worlds w_color

Inspired by a photo

I was inspired by an old b&w photo of a sculpture by David Gallager (Segmental Sculpture, 1977, Green River Community College), which has been recently refurbished. I loved the tones of the older photo, as well as the shapes and qualities of the sculpture. So a little drawing, then a lot of digital playing:

After Segmental Sculpture D Gallagher 4After Segmental Sculpture D Gallagher