New Orleans Sketching

Ellis Marsalis Quintet ticket
Piano Wheeler 1 Ellis Marsalis Shadow
Sketching from sketches: above are sketches made during a jazz concert (Ellis Marsalis Quintet at the Snug Harbor on Frenchmen Street), followed by the larger sketches done with water soluble graphite pencils with wet brushwork. Note that this was a fabulous concert!Ellis Marsalis ticket 2

Finishing & Scanning a (large) piece

ISeated & Held felt the need to tweak this piece a bit on my return from my recent trip to the South. Just a little bit though.

Then it was time to scan it! But it is 18″x24″, so this means 6 scans that need to be aligned & patched together digitally: painful. And no color correction on scanning since they all need to be scanned with the same settings. And then how to get the color & light correction close to the original… which seemed much brighter in photos taken on a bright sunny day!

Now in the dark rainy weather, this piece is dark & somber even with the bright lights in my studio. Do I adjust per my earlier photos & memory?  Or for today?

Don’t forget to click to see the larger image.


Sketch to Digital Color…

Jar shape 1 sketchJar shape 1 Jar shape 2Not a jar 1

Something caught my eye while I was watching TV last night, and provoked three sketches, since digitally modified & enhanced. I was thinking of loops of rope and a jar, but this last one just looks like a Teddy Bear stepping out to me… :-)”

Held Safe in Comfort

Seated and Held
Seated and Held draft 2
Seated and Held draft 3

held in arms
held on lap
such comfort
such safety
an illusion
of value

The sequence of the slightly different versions above show changes to the "chair". The chair starts as a red amorphous supporting shape, then in version 2 becomes more fully personified. In the current version, shown last, the chair again more amorphous & less a person. I am advised, and I agree, that the second, fully embodied, personified "chair" is just too much... what do you think?