No art here

This post is not so much about art.

It is just a brief explanation of the gap in my postings during the last weeks of July and into August.

My mother died on Thursday, July 24th in Jefferson Healthcare Hospital. She suffered a concussion from a fall, possibly caused by a stroke, and died one week later. This happened just two weeks after an ER visit related due to probable pneumonia. She was nearly 91, and she was ready to go. Her life had become more limited and much less rewarding. She did not want to live with daily care, and she never had to do that. She lived and died (mostly) on her own terms.

Framed at last (sort of)

Ancestors V III framedI am too cheap, oh I mean frugal, to get an odd sized artwork properly framed by a professional. Or maybe just to lazy to take it in & choose a frame!

This is piece that took many hours & days of work (and re-work). I found a rather junky but real wood frame that is larger than the board, but proportionately so… Now I can hang this work, and I think it looks fairly respectable. But it is not well protected, since the artwork is flush with the outer surface of the frame (no glass of course). So this leaves my work very vulnerable to damage.

More lighted artwork, and …

Held Rock tower 1 After Morris Graves vellum V2 adjThis plexi tower has a hazy print of one of my (held rock) drawings on it, and the LED “fairy lights” inside.

The bird drawing is a new version of my sea bird “after Morris Graves”, done on translucent vellum.

Then, while working on one thing, I came across an interesting accidental arrangement of drawings removed from a small sketchbook. This inspired me to arrange most of the same drawings on my scanner, to produce the collage. Things on my scanner

Whew, I LOVE making art!

Cave lit within wHummerI really do love it! So much fun making … things!  I just got in a little shopping therapy too:  I am buying various tiny LED “fairy” light strings for my latest projects, also clear & translucent inkjet meda: adhesive & plain.Cave lit within wHummer 2

Here are photos of the “rock cave” translucent “tower” with the LEDs inside, and using my magical nighttime hummingbird print as a backdrop:

Cave lit within wHummer 3