Notice the Leaves

Notice the Leaves smooth erode Notice the Leaves

Translucent sketch branchesGray Wolf seemed to attend meetings against her better judgement. One evening she came by anyway and said, ” In every service I renew my vow to save the many beings, but, really, how can I do that?”
Raven said, “It’s your precious keepsake.”
Mallard asked, “How can a vow be a keepsake?”
Raven said, “It reminds you of a loved one.”
Gray Wolf sat back and said nothing further.
Owl spoke up and said, “We also vow to waken to the countless gates of the Great Law. I always thought that vow meant I should study all the various Buddhist teachings, but now I am not so sure.”
Raven said, “See all the new green leaves glittering in the sunshine!”
— Zen Master Raven by Robert Aitken


No art here

This post is not so much about art.

It is just a brief explanation of the gap in my postings during the last weeks of July and into August.

My mother died on Thursday, July 24th in Jefferson Healthcare Hospital. She suffered a concussion from a fall, possibly caused by a stroke, and died one week later. This happened just two weeks after an ER visit related due to probable pneumonia. She was nearly 91, and she was ready to go. Her life had become more limited and much less rewarding. She did not want to live with daily care, and she never had to do that. She lived and died (mostly) on her own terms.

Framed at last (sort of)

Ancestors V III framedI am too cheap, oh I mean frugal, to get an odd sized artwork properly framed by a professional. Or maybe just to lazy to take it in & choose a frame!

This is piece that took many hours & days of work (and re-work). I found a rather junky but real wood frame that is larger than the board, but proportionately so… Now I can hang this work, and I think it looks fairly respectable. But it is not well protected, since the artwork is flush with the outer surface of the frame (no glass of course). So this leaves my work very vulnerable to damage.