Sketch to Digital Color…

Jar shape 1 sketchJar shape 1 Jar shape 2Not a jar 1

Something caught my eye while I was watching TV last night, and provoked three sketches, since digitally modified & enhanced. I was thinking of loops of rope and a jar, but this last one just looks like a Teddy Bear stepping out to me… :-)”

Held Safe in Comfort

Seated and Held
Seated and Held draft 2
Seated and Held draft 3

held in arms
held on lap
such comfort
such safety
an illusion
of value

The sequence of the slightly different versions above show changes to the "chair". The chair starts as a red amorphous supporting shape, then in version 2 becomes more fully personified. In the current version, shown last, the chair again more amorphous & less a person. I am advised, and I agree, that the second, fully embodied, personified "chair" is just too much... what do you think?

Painting drafts: The Burden

I am struggling with this surprising imagery and and with my use of paint.  I don't usually start with paint, or even work so primarily in paint. Often I start with a drawing, or collage, or other ... Here I started with paint and a plastic card & palette knife.  And there is only a bit of "drawing" with pastel & graphite, mostly "painted" over with a wet brush so more like painting. The imagery I can hardly speak to :-) it is so iconic / religious. It may come from recent reading set in traditional Middle Eastern culture, but it has other symbolism as well. We all carry a burden, we try to persist, to accept, and to continue on as best we can.