A Tea Box for the Spirit

“Tea Box for the Spirit” is a piece I just put togethery with that rather rare magical speed and certainty which is so satisfying. It started with working to organize my studio, and coming across a fabulous green tea gift box I received some years ago. It was a gift from my brother & the tea was lovely!

The “reverent humans” in this piece are resin figures I cast from a soap carving I made during my winter in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (also some years ago). These have been waiting for me to incorporate into a finished piece of art.Tea Box for the Spirit

The parts came together over 2 days when a photo of the two figures in the open box inspired a lovely sentence contributed by Maureen Piper: “For Spirit, reverent humans are good as best tea.”

This box is first aid for my spririt:  it incorporates some antique objects found in my mothers things, and it represents all the treasures she held onto over time.  The inspiration comes from her, as do the Flora MacDonald needles (for spiritual repair), elastoplast tin (first aid for the spirit), stones & shark tooth. These were Mother’s, as was the woven stand with the worn piece of drifwood & stones.

Tea Box first aid for the spirit Tea Box for the Spirit 2 Tea Box for the Spirit 3 Tea Box for the Spirit tea forteThe box contains a hidden & inaccessible photo of Mother, with the words “For Spirit”. Today is Mother’s birthday, and I miss her.

Playing with Light (again)

This is a finely woven “silk” box given me by a friend for creative use. I have found a place for some resin pieces made several years ago & never incorporated into a finished work. I like having multiple surfaces: layers! I can attach things inside on two surfaces, and outside on both surfaces: there is no front & back (but there are sides…). And actually I can put this together in two ways: lid on, or lid behind.

Sharons Box draft 1 pic 3It is all about playing with lights, translucency, weight/weightlessness. But it needs work still!

Don’t forget to click on the first photo to page through the larger lightbox view (much more impressive :-)

Sharons Box draft 1 pic 2 Sharons Box draft 1 pic 4Sharons Box draft 1 pic 1
Not sure what this piece is about. THis kneeling figure was something I carved (in soap) then cast while spending a winter in Mexico, surrounded by Catholic churches. Perhaps there is some allusion to death/ascendence? And flight, and a “lightness of being” or perhaps “not being” (death).The lenses may be about trying to see more/further.

Preparing to work … I hope!

It has been a huge challenge to get my art studio back into working order since my mother died in July.

I brought home so many things holding so many memories, stacking boxes everywhere, piles of books, blankets, linens, beautiful rocks, woven baskets, delicate ornaments, clothing, framed photos, and paintings by my grandfather.

Only two weeks ago I could barely walk across the room, but slowly, slowly things are getting distributed to family members, friends, thrift stores, or to places for use in my own house. Some things will just be stored out of the way for future consideration.

And some newly acquired furniture is now in place for use:  a real desk (with drawers!) has allowed me to surplus a wide filing cabinet, and time & work has reduced the estate paperwork to a manageable quantity that can be merged into my normal storage systems. What a relief it is to have my new desk organized, and to put away that extra table & all that was on top of it.

My "new" Mutoh drafing table

My “new” Mutoh drafing table

A fabulous find has been added to my studio:  a old Mutoh drafting table! While this is missing all the accessories & required an hour or two of scrubbing, it none the less takes a place of pride with my large format scanner and wide format printer as a choice art tool. This drafting table not only tilts easily with one hand, but is raised & lowered without effort using a foot pedal! Such luxury, as my current very large drafting table requires two people for any adjustment. Now that will be put flat as a worktable, I think.

Here it is arranged to look as if I am actually doing a little art, but not so. I am still struggling to get started! The transition has been exhausting. I do have room to work now, but I am still surrounded by so many reminders of Mother that it is hard to focus on my work. I need to somehow use all of this to make art…

Marketing drawings … I hope!

Vegetable Bounty pillow I joined a website (Society6) which sells various products with prints of your uploaded images … and I purchased two items to see how the products look.

The cushion and the mug both look good, but I realized my own error … I had failed to sign my work legibly or add my website! So I decided to rework all the various combinations & sizes of digital images, and replace them all on the website. Hours of tedious work, but done now. Now these still feature the artwork, but include attribution, so as to be good for use in marketing :-)

Here is a vegetable combination on a square cushion, available in three sizes and with a choice of indoor or outdoor cover material. I bought the outdoor cover: it is pleasant to the touch, seems sturdy, and looks great!

The mug is a basic white ceramic mug.The image is neatly wrapped and fills the outside of the mug. It looks fine. I may send some of these as Christmas presents to friends & family!

I don’t think too many people will find / buy these, but with my name & website on them, they might catch someone’s eye if I buy them myself, and even place a few around coffee shops that have mug racks … might be worth a try.

Pages 20-21 Sketchbook 2015 altered

New drawing in my 2015 Sketchbook

Products for sale

I just decided to try out the online company Society6, which sells mugs, prints, cushions, and more with the artwork of any artist who registers & posts artwork. Registration & posting is free, Society6 takes a commission on all sales. I am told they use quality materials and reproduction for their products. The site images certainly look nice.

It would be quite pleasing to sell a few mugs, cushions or tote bags with my work printed on them, so I have uploaded a few select images. Check out the cushions here, and there are also mugs and more…

Goblin Camp Throw Pillow

Fox in the Grass Mug